The war that isn't and demanding that the media stop promoting it

No. Not climate control. Not Iraq.


The Mommy Wars. BARF

The Washington Post wrote about Caryl Rivers’ new book, Selling Anxiety: How the News Media Scare Women, yesterday.

I wrote about her book last month.

Think about it. Do we let, do we like, do we want anyone to spin what we know to be otherwise?

Then fight the spin on this too.

As the WaPo article concludes:

Most women today have to work: it’s the only way their families are going to be fed, housed and educated. A new college-educated generation takes it for granted that women will both work and care for their families — and that men must be an integral part of their children’s lives. It’s a generation that understands that stay-at-home moms and working mothers aren’t firmly opposing philosophical stances but the same women in different life phases, moving in and out of the part-time and full-time workforce for the few years while their children are young.

“The mommy wars thing is a little simplistic,” confirms Julie Huck, a 38-year-old working mom with two preschool children. “It’s all hyped up and a little silly.” Like Fassino and others, she longs for a cultural shift and family-friendly policies that allow everyone — women and men — to work more flexible hours, without career penalties.

Would that end the Mommy Wars? Let’s hope.

Redhorse – did I not just write something like this to you last night re: sequential living? Scary.

2 thoughts on “The war that isn't and demanding that the media stop promoting it

  1. And the healthcare wars, so Mommy’s like me who are disabled and still have an M.A. but can not work can be adequate parents to our children.That book sounds interesting – I just added it to my Amazon list!

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