31 year old woman gunned down in Mayfield Heights by "irrational" ex-boyfriend

So, gun advocates, how do we stop ex-boyfriends who are called “irrational” by the ex-girlfriend from gunning down the ex-girlfriend and her 71 year old father?

Oh, I know I know! Choose me! Choose me!

Kathryn McBride Miller should have had a gun, and her father should have had a gun, so that should any ex-boyfriend want to come after them, they could shoot too – in self-defense of course.

Not only is my answer, Not, but the refusal of this country’s population to be slapped awake out of their ridiculous narcissism that says we should arm ourselves rather than fix what’s broken – in anyone – is enough to make a person…oops, I guess I better not say “crazy” or I might get denied a gun permit some day and be unable to defend myself against folks who are deemed “irrational” but manage to get guns anyway.

Sigh – all these probabilities to think about! Another thing to make us…oops…better not say that again. Well, you know what I mean, right? No? Think I’m dangerous?


3 thoughts on “31 year old woman gunned down in Mayfield Heights by "irrational" ex-boyfriend

  1. Jill,Ask Damon Wells how to stop being a victim of an armed robbery??? I know you won’t like his answer.We used to remove the mentally ill from society by locking them up for life in institutions. Now we give them drugs and cross our fingers hoping the drugs work and if so hoping that the mentally ill person keeps taking them. Furthermore the criminal mentally ill are housed in prisons where they are not treated much at all and terribly abused by other prisoners.Wonder which option makes US safer?Some people are dangerous…I wonder how dangerous people are dealt with in say…Israel??Oh yeah you won’t like that answer either.

  2. Jill – I get your point, particularly that arming everyone isn’t a real solution.But the fact is, just like failed “war on drugs”, if this guy, irrational or not, wanted a gun then he’d find a way to get one.

  3. You may laugh while you make morbid jokes about this, but even if she gets a restraining order against the guy and he’s involuntarily committed at a mental health inpatient facility, she is still justified in being scared about what might happen someday. It would be entirely appropriate for her to learn how to use a gun for self-protection and obtain a concealed-carry permit so that she could have a gun tucked in her purse in the event that some day he DOES come after her. She would be entirely within her constitutional rights to do so. In fact, perhaps the chief reason AGAINST publishing the names of those who have concealed-carry permits are that women who have been victims of rape, stalking, and abuse who obtain these permits will be “outed.” “Outing” can (1) alert potential perps to plan out their attack in more detail when they learn that their specific target is carrying; (2) start tongue-wagging among the permit-holder’s acquaintances that could lead to (a) discussion of past horrors that the permit-holder does not want to relive, (b) ridicule (such as that exhibited in this post) for and disapproval of carrying which might deter a person from taking the precaution to carry for their own protection, (c) those acquaintances treating the permit-holder differently, even if not like a pariah, once they have knowledge of the weapon concealment. These permit-holders want to enjoy a normal daily life, but they might not be able to lead a normal daily life if they live in constant dread that their ex- is going to come after them when they have no means of defense. Try as we might, we cannot “fix” everything that’s “broken.” In some cases, we never even had an opportunity to DETECT what was “broken,” let alone fix it. If you’ve lived a life where you were able to have everything “fixed” that was “broken,” then you are the most fortunate person I know. While we await the “fixing” of our “broken” society, I say it’s OK to take the precaution of protecting oneself with a firearm.

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