What do Jews do, Bar Mitzvah Edition. Part II

Be scared. Be very very scared if you have any communications with me over the next 12 days. You do so at your own risk. People with guns? The mentally ill? The mentally ill with guns?

Fahgeddaboutit. It’s panic-stricken suburban moms in minivans you should really fear. Just ask all the people I hung up on today (including blood and non-blood relations).

From The Bar Mitzvah Blog:

And behold! The faded yet still very pink on pink bat mitzvah invitation to the event of the bicentennial: Jill Amy Miller’s Bat Mitzvah. Date scheduled three times, thank you (first changed for ill-preparation, second changed because of death in the family).

I remember going to visit Joan Pearl, one of my mother’s best friends, in her home. She “did” invitations, which meant we looked through those massive books you can now view even at Kinkos to see different fonts, papers, inks, embossing, wording and on and on.

Obviously I was into scrolly shapes on parchment-type paper. I thought they were charming. And I still like them, exactly gulp thirty years later.

Now, I have to find a picture of me in my cork platform shoes and gauze skirt with a tube-top covered by a matching polyester jacket – all in peach and blue stripes.

No joke.

(click on the images for a larger pic)

One thought on “What do Jews do, Bar Mitzvah Edition. Part II

  1. Hello, dahling!I’m taking a moment out of frantic writing to say that I’m thinking of you and wishing you well as you reach the countdown to the 12th!You are a DYNAMO!Wendy

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