If Mandel's youth produces "Do as I say, not as I do" legislation, then indeed youth is wasted on the young

Last September, I wrote this about my reaction to the Plain Dealer’s endorsement of Josh Mandel over Roger Goudy for my state rep. race.

So, I’m wondering, after reading this in today’s Plain Dealer (which I actually purchased all on my own), how the PD feels about its choice:

JEERS . . .

to Republican state Reps. Josh Mandel of Beachwood and Shannon Jones of Springboro for calling on the state to dump investments in companies that do business with Iran, and for saying they’re comfortable with their personal investments in General Electric Co. GE, which supposedly has been moseying out of Iran since 2005, still has contracts there through 2008. If Mandel and Jones are serious about penalizing companies doing business in a terrorism-sponsoring state, they ought to start by yanking their own money.

Mandel’s explanation for why he continues to hold the GE stock, and his admitted lack of knowledge about his stock holdings, overshadows his passion for his Ohio legislative initiative, HB 151. Given that he wants to be taken extremely seriously on this issue, it could reasonably have been expected that he had his own ducks in order. (Ditto for State Rep. Jones, but she’s not my rep.)

Freshmen make mistakes? Humans make mistakes. Hopefully, they’ll both learn from this one, although it reads as though they don’t think that they’ve made any mistake.

Regardless, to both of them, I’d say, you’re asking our state to divest. How ’bout you go first, show us how and set the example?

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