Google replicates Meet the Bloggers

Really. From the article:

In addition to free buffets and a volleyball court, Google employees are getting a political perk: A chance to personally grill the presidential candidates. Company executives, meanwhile, get precious face time to press cherished issues with the politicians who want the White House.

The Google Interview could become the 21st-century equivalent of the candidate’s pilgrimage to the General Motors plant. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was first, in February, followed by McCain on Friday. The company has extended invitations to all the major candidates, and expects more appearances in coming weeks.

“I like to think of (seeking) the presidency as a job interview with the American people,” Schmidt, who moderates the sessions, told McCain on Friday. “And you’re also sort of interviewing with Google. It’s hard to get a job at Google.” The company famously demands college transcripts and high grades; Schmidt’s staff whooped at the indirect praise.

Reminiscent of Subodh Chandra referring to the Attorney General race as seeking a job, yes?

This mimicry (which the Yearly Kos event is also emulating later this year) evokes smiles, anger, thrill and frustration in me. Mostly, I just hope for MTB to continue its growth and for Ohioans to embrace it as the best way to get to know their elected officials and those who wish to be elected officials.

At a minimum, someone, for some publication, needs to be doing an article on the proliferation of such forums and how they help the public and maybe, or maybe not, help the candidates/elected officials (not me, not now – but I would love to do it). If anyone’s seen one like that, please leave a comment.

2 thoughts on “Google replicates Meet the Bloggers

  1. Sounds thrilling. Next the candidates should have to appear before the American Society of Actuaries.Here’s from the linked article:How do you determine good ways of sorting 1 million 32-bit integers in two megabytes of RAM?” wondered Google CEO Eric Schmidt. More than 1,000 geeks in the audience roared, and a stumped McCain laughed with them.It was a quirky start to what is becoming a fixture on the presidential campaign – a grilling by the fresh-faced Googlers who are trying to revolutionize the Internet.

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