Is Fred Thompson Paul Hackett?

Update: An anonymous commenter (in the comments below) from Idaho expressed disappointment in this post. The best I can do at the moment to improve upon it is to say: read what I wrote about Paul Hackett in the linked to post, read the stories to which I’ve linked regarding thoughts on Fred Thompson and then consider – is Thompson’s heart in this race? The New Republic link for “this one” seems to go only to a teaser on the paid subscriber page of TNR. But, if you Google “Fred Thompson” and “lazy boy,” you will find the article in full.


After watching and listening to Washington Journal this morning with James Pindell (Boston Globe’s NH primary correspondent), and then reading this Washington Post article from today, this one from The New Republic and remembering what I felt and wrote about, here, regarding Paul Hackett‘s less than convincing projection of desire for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Sherrod Brown, I have to ask,

Is Fred Thompson Paul Hackett?

2 thoughts on “Is Fred Thompson Paul Hackett?

  1. Dear Anon from Idaho – Sorry your visit disappointed you. I find your comment a cryptic too but I can relate to going to a blog for the first time and not understanding what in the world the author is writing about. Especially in big box blogs, I find it like that and give up VERY easily. So I don’t take your comment as being personal or offensive. I appreciate it.I didn’t like to anything from Philly – not sure what you’re talking about. If you search on “fred thompson” “lazy boy” you will get the entire New Republic article. Thanks for the tip that it’s not showing up – not sure – will need to check when I have time.As for not reading well to outsiders, I’d urge you to think of it this way: I don’t actually expect to be read by all that many people – it’s not exactly the reason I write – so I’m flattered that you wanted to understand what I wrote and I’ll keep that in mind for sure. As it is, I know I provide a lot more links than a lot of blogs and would you believe that regular readers of this blog don’t like it when I do that!?Have a good day and thanks for reading.

  2. Congrats. You’ve just written circles around an idea without expressing it, referring to a prior blog entry that also ellipses without engaging the subject and referring to a Philly article/interview that… has since fallen off the ‘net.I’m left guessing wtf you mean or meant. As a visitor from far enough away to only have cared peripherally about Hackett (a state race) but more about FT (since he might run for President)… I guess I don’t see the point of inside-baseball getting in the way of finishing the message so it’ll read as well by an outsider as by your here-n-now readership.No reply needed; first time here and I’m unlikely to return.

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