What do Jews do, Bar Mitzvah music edition: what would you want me to have on your playlist?


Because forget Y.M.C.A.

There’s nothing but pure c.r.a.p. from the year I got bat mitzvahed.

Go ahead – tell me – what should we tell the DJ (my bro-in-law) to play? The one song I said shall not be played: Sexy Back or whatever it is. I’m sure I’ll nix others too.

Quick hits on preparations, 129 hours before The Event:

-bought out all the pansies Lowe’s owned – still need more (see? there are not enough pansies in this world, forget about testosterone)
-completed purchases of all outfits for daughter
-bought books for the centerpieces which will be donated (people in the store thought that was so cool that they gave me an additional 10% off)
-met with one of two caterers and felt wholly inadequate because I could not care LESS about the colors of linens (where IS that gene??)
-did seat assignments for Sat. night dinner/dance/party (people are being assigned by author name, like Bill Watterson, Daniel Pinkwater and Dr. Seuss)
-spoke to bro-in-law DJ about music and scheduling
-confirmed magician

I’m probably missing something but my better half did tons of things too like install window boxes, spraypaint seat cushions, make meals, do laundry. Oh – and our A+ babysitter stuffed all the out of towner guest bags last night. Sweet, huh!?

Ain’t no stopping us now.

What a scary thought.

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