Word of Mouth and blogger kinship

Remember those filmstrips from school in the 60s and 70s? Remember the way they depicted atoms careening around in space?

That would be the image of the inside of my brain right now.

But thank heaven for this hysterical post by Scott Bakalar, the Word of Mouth author, and all the creative folks who inhabit The WOM Blog. Their work is original and, as I’ve written before, it almost makes me sorry that I don’t live in Lorain, to have a group of citizens who care as much as they do about their area. Every citizen in that town should thank them for what they do.

Please take a few minutes and read this Plain Dealer article in today’s paper (though online yesterday) in which Scott and The WOM Blog are mentioned as excellent examples of community blogs (congrats to Steve Fitzgerald too for his contribution and efforts in initiating his particular use of blogs and community discourse in NEO via Lakewood Buzz).

I’ve never blogged anywhere else. But I feel so lucky to be a blogger in NEO.

6 thoughts on “Word of Mouth and blogger kinship

  1. Aw – I’m sorry Dave! Of Course all of Ohio!! 🙂 Turned red-cheeked – didn’t mean to be so regional. 😦

  2. I feel lucky to be in Ohio. We have a fantastic blogosphere. But you’re right, the northern half of the state is best… Toledo, Cleveland and Akron. You guys rock.

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