Great Connie Schultz column on Bill O'Reilly

But be careful. You are going to want to call O’Reilly names after reading this.

Here’s the press release on the Indiana University study to which the column refers. The full text of the study is here.

And in the spirit of Connie’s full disclosures in the column: One of my best friends from childhood graduated from Indiana University, and I visited IU while in Bloomington for her wedding over 20 years ago and some relative of hers is someone important or was someone important at IU and her family is mainly from Indiana. And this friend and her husband and two of their kids are coming to my son’s bar mitzvah this weekend.

But I’ve never met Bill O’Reilly.

One thought on “Great Connie Schultz column on Bill O'Reilly

  1. Sorry I couldn’t finish reading it but O’Reilly makes me cuss – come to think of it, I never have been able to finish anything featuring him…hmmm….but you know, this: *he blamed* is standard operating procedure for (-R’s) anyway so it stands to reason. And now you know about how far I got before I clicked back to you. 🙂

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