Lorain City Council candidate Dennis Flores impersonates Elvira?

This morning, I specifically took the time to specifically Google “loraing county election results” because I wanted to see how the cool and worthy folks from The WOM Blog had done with their efforts. I found this article in The Morning Journal and it said, in pertinent part:

Lorain City Council ward incumbents appeared to hold on to their seats in yesterday’s primary election, according to partial, unofficial results.

In the 2nd Ward, Dennis Flores was leading over Brian Hazelett by an almost 3-to-1 margin in the race for this open seat, with about 70 percent of the precincts reporting last night. Flores, 53, a computer network consultant, said campaign financial responsibility was the most important issue facing Lorain. Hazelett, 41, is the president of Lighthouse Construction Co. in Lorain. His campaign emphasized ensuring basic city services.

I’d say “imagine my disgust” except I doubt that you could when I read this on Word of Mouth. The screen capture indicates that Democratic candidate for Lorain City Council Dennis Flores assumed the pseudonym “Elviraelvira4u” and then directed readers to check up on one of Wom’s contributors.

Mr. Flores – why would you do that? Was someone at your keyboard impersonating you? Do you have multiple personalities?

Come on.

I don’t live in Lorain and I don’t know nor have I ever met Loraine Ritchey or your opponent who blogs at WOM, Brian Hazelett. But really – it’s just so easy to unveil stuff like this. If you really think the info about Loraine has any bearing on anything remotely connected to your ability to perform the job you seek, then just post that info as yourself.


I hear Marc Dann is going to train local police to recognize mental health illness

PS All candidates and their lackeys should know by now – you can be found out. Do not try this at home or anywhere else. It’s bound to backfire.

PPS While proofing this entry, I re-read that Flores is a “computer network consultant.” Helloooo? Who would hire a computer network consultant who doesn’t know that his IP address is so traceable? Mr. Flores – it’s a case of the stolen account – or something, riiiiiiiiight?

6 thoughts on “Lorain City Council candidate Dennis Flores impersonates Elvira?

  1. Loraine and Roman – glad to see that things more or less shook out – I can’t believe I was even blogging on that day given the bar mitzvah! I must have been in deep doodoo denial about the impending relatives’ arrival!!Thanks for all the great reporting and writing you do.

  2. Jill – Thanks for raising this issue. It’s truly ashame because Lorain is such a great city on the Lake but yahoos like Mr. Flores really serve as a detriment to our progress.

  3. Jill you are correct but as Mary Queen of Scots said to Elizabeth 1 of England ( one of my favorite all time quotes) I would direct to Mr. Flores “The worst of me is known, thou knowest,my people knowest. My heart is true whilst thine is false thy heart as well as thy face!!” What concerns me so much is that this will be the representation for the Democrats in the 2nd Ward and possibly a council person unless the Republicans can unseat his quest for a “city computer address” Again Thanks for your input.

  4. Loraine, I’m sure it won’t surprise you that I didn’t even bother to check what the dude said re: go to wherever and enter whatever. IT DOESN’T MATTER. NOT RELEVANT. And – even if you had anything in there, SO WHAT? You should see the checks I had to write a couple of weeks ago for speed camera gotchas. If it wasn’t for my kid’s bar mitzvah, I would have gone to court over them – I was so angry.Anyway – this stuff is lunacy. Having been the target of nastiness before myself, I empathize completely. Frankly – the incident says more about Flores than anything else – very creepy indeed.Hang tough.

  5. Thanks Jill,I am disappointed by Brian’s loss – but that is politics. You win some, you lose some.I am disgusted and angry that someone using the exact same computer as Brian’s opponent would use WoM to, in essence, threaten to expose some mysterious information about three of the folks who so freely give of their time to Blog at Word of Mouth; Loraine Ritchey, Brian Hazelett and Roman Kniahynyckyj.If that is politics in Lorain, Ohio that explains a lot about why we are where we are – and now where we’re headed.

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