What do Jews do, Bar Mitzvah Edition, Part who the hell knows

What do Jews do for Bar Mitzvahs? Why, they teach themselves how to make iPhoto slideshows with the music of more than one song joined together as multiple tracks through the advanced option of JOIN CD TRACKS and export and import and apply and futz and stay up until all hours until the images look just right and then they hook up fifteen cables from the laptop to a monitor to see if it runs and they learn how to move a mouse from one monitor to another and that you have to attach the DVI cords before you open iPhoto or you lose the play and music options on the slideshow and then they cry everytime they watch 11 minutes of their life go by that traces their child from birth to now.

Heave ho.

That’s what Jews do less than 24 hours before their oldest child and first-born son’s bar mitzvah.

Shabbat shalom and God bless everyone.

7 thoughts on “What do Jews do, Bar Mitzvah Edition, Part who the hell knows

  1. Thank you all for your good wishes. They helped keep me a float, I promise. And Jeff – I love the “she who held it all together” – that is excellent. But, of course we know, there were others who have held me together, including this blog and the support system I have only because of it. I am very, very blessed for many reasons.Thanks, everyone.

  2. Shalom Jill,What Do Jews Do…The day after they recline like they never did at Pesach and bask in all the naches they feel from seeing their first born do more and with more grace and poise that any parent can ever expect.Mazel Tov to Max, Jeff and, of course, she who held it all together.B’shalom,Jeff

  3. Shabbat Shalom Jill,Tomorrow? But my invitation said next week, Saturday the 19th!JUST KIDDING!I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. See you in the morning.B’shalom,Jeff

  4. God Bless You, Jill. It sounds like you could use all the Help you can get. :)’This too, shall pass.'(and in 20 years you’ll have forgotten all the misery and only remember the good stuff) REALLY!

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