Defense department to block YouTube, MySpace, 11 other sites

Read all about it. Read the DOD memo here.

The sites include Photobucket, Pandora, MTV and Blackplanet. They are all listed in the DOD memo.

In case life wasn’t isolating and lonely enough already for military personnel.

4 thoughts on “Defense department to block YouTube, MySpace, 11 other sites

  1. Can I just say that that totally sucks and that I know I will never fully appreciate the sacrifices people choose to make for whatever reasons they choose to make them? I hope you are all safe and healthy and together for as long as humanly possible.

  2. Probably not. It would take an enormous effort, in terms of manpower, to pre-review and approve content before it was posted. Anything that’s found after it goes up is impossible to really erase with caches, feeds, etc. In a combat zone, and even family at home, there is some truth to the old chestnut “loose lips sink ships” I don’t talk about the exact date my son will deploy or give out many details about his training or company on my blog – even though it’s almost completely inconspicuous – for fear that I’ll inadvertently say something that could end up causing harm. I wish I did have a good alternative.

  3. Do you think that there is any creative way to accomplish what, ostensibly, the DOD wants to accomplish with the ban, and still give the troops the connections they deserve and need to get by?

  4. That they will block MySpace is very sad for me. My son deploys this summer and he has a slew of friends I’m sure he hoped to stay in touch with via his MySpace. Apparenly the old grouches in the DOD leadership have no idea how vital these kinds of connections are to the young men and women they recruit. *sigh*

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