If teen gets jail for bomb threat, what should teachers get for rogue gunman prank?

Here’s the story about the Ohio teen who’ll go to jail for making bomb threats.

But what do you think should be done to the teachers who pulled this crap on kids? Read more here on The Moderate Voice about the latter incident, which involved adults in positions of authority over elementary schoolchildren telling those kids that a gunman was on the prowl.

4 thoughts on “If teen gets jail for bomb threat, what should teachers get for rogue gunman prank?

  1. You said it, Unique. Again – this is about common sense. But then again, when we live in a world where people are hiring parenting coaches, what can we expect? People just are giving over their thought processes to others, and those others don’t have a clue.

  2. Ceejay – great questions but I’m sure this occurred to you as well: common sense! That anyone NEEDS training to or the age of majority to realize that you don’t do such a thing with elementary school kids, maybe not even middle school, is what’s appalling to me. So little sense and total giving over to authority – very very bad thing.

  3. They should be fired and barred from working with children ever again.I mean really, do we want people that stupid to be “educating” children? I don’t THINK so.

  4. How old were these teachers and what kind of training did they get at their colleges of education? Some of the students probably had more common sense than the teachers! I’d call it child abuse. From the news report, even the assistant principal was one of the staff participating.

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