I'm drunk, but you're not Jewish – so it's all okay

Trying to catch up with the world, I’ve got literally thousands of blog posts in my feed reader. Thanks to Cliff Schecter’s blog for this story about the City of Montreal having to pay a bar mitzvah family $20,000 in damages. If I were the mom in that family, I’d take some of it and go away – from people, for several days, no, make that weeks – and the rest I’d put in a college fund.

The City of Montreal has been ordered to pay $20,000 in damages after a judge ruled a drunk janitor had ruined a bar mitzvah, which the city tried to cover up by falsely accusing the bar mitzvah boy of not being Jewish.

The janitor, who was in charge of the cultural centre in the West Island community of Pierrefonds, was drunk when the 350 guests arrived for the Neumann bar mitzvah, court heard.

He also sexually harassed the female guests, stole the ice from the machine and tried to sell it back to the Neumanns.

But his misdeeds didn’t end there: The janitor also refused to put toilet paper in the bathrooms.

When the elevator broke trapping several paraplegic guests, the janitor did nothing.
Neumann said that when one of the musicians had a heart attack, the janitor refused to call 911.

The most inappropriate thing that happened at our son’s bar mitzvah party Sat. night was that I didn’t get to drink enough.

I’ll be writing more about it soon and Jeff Hess, I grant you permission to review it as well (for those who may not know, Jeff and my son worked together on a project my son did last year about veterans and Jeff also teaches at our synagogue; he was pretty much the very first person at the service on Sat. morning and for that alone, he should get a medal – being raised Reform, I probably had the hardest time sitting still for three hours, well, my seven year old had it harder, but he did great).

2 thoughts on “I'm drunk, but you're not Jewish – so it's all okay

  1. Thanks so much, Jeff. I think I’m finally up to writing about it today. I thought you’d appreciate my brothers. Yes- Charles has never gone by Charlie but that hasn’t stopped people. I get away with calling him Chuck once in a while. He’s a riot – and the one who was stunned into silence when a friend of mine told him that I had a sense of humor. Best to Molly please.

  2. Shalom Jill,How does one comment on perfection?And as for the three-hour-15-minute service, remember, I’ve sat in meditation longer than that.Really, the time flew by seeing Max take charge. He set a standard that the other kids in his class must be having nightmares about.B’shalom,Jeffp.s. and sitting with your brothers was great, although i confess i kept wanting to call charles charlie.

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