Bancrofts of Dow Jones/WSJ stand firm against Murdoch

I hope they continue to do so, even though I like Murdoch’s insertion of his connection to powerful journalism:

With a nod to Clarence Barron, a journalist who acquired Dow Jones in 1902 and then bequeathed it to the Bancroft family, Mr. Murdoch stressed his own family history.

He described his father, Sir Keith Murdoch, as a “celebrated journalist” who uncovered “the British debacle at Gallipoli in 1915.” (The battle at Gallipoli, also known as the Dardanelles Campaign, was one of the bloodiest campaigns of World War I, a failed attempt by the Allies to capture Constantinople from the Ottoman Turks.)

The battle at Gallipoli has captivated me for more than 20 years. (Oh, okay – partly because Mel Gibson looked so good dying in the movie about it. Man, sometimes transparency really wrankles me.)

Here’s the most recent letter Murdoch sent the family.

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