Pasadena Now postpones posts from India-based writers

Redhorse wrote about the outsourcing of local news coverage – to India – here.

Now comes this from From Editor & Publisher:

A local news Web site’s editor who hired two reporters in India to cover suburban Pasadena said he’s been so overwhelmed by handling reaction to his plan that he had to postpone publication of their first stories.

Reaction has fallen into two camps.

Many within journalism have pilloried the idea of covering local news from half a world away — or suggested it must be a publicity stunt. As Larry Wilson, editor of the local Pasadena Star-News paper wrote in a column, how could an Indian reporter know whether a council member was joking when he made his remarks?

Others agree with Macpherson, who pointed out that desk-bound reporting is commonplace in an increasingly lean news industry.

One of the skeptics quoted in AP’s original story was Bryce Nelson, a University of Southern California journalism professor and Pasadena resident. He said reaction to the story was striking, and not just among reporters.

A reader wrote Nelson remarking that a story about an anti-war march in a Northern California newspaper bore little resemblance to the actual event — perhaps because the reporter had written the story without being there.

I cannot imagine someone in India covering Pepper Pike for me. Or Cleveland for Bill Callahan. Or Lorain for Scott Bakalar. Or Akron for GABB folks.

Okay for you? Fine. Not okay for me.

2 thoughts on “Pasadena Now postpones posts from India-based writers

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Carole. I don’t want to even say that I understand outsourcing at all, except I know business/economic folks will say that it’s a cost/bottom line thing. But still, when will they hit the breaking point, realizing that we must find a way to employ and pay a living wage or better to our citizens? I just can’t support efforts that undermine growing and supporting our own.

  2. That has to be the strangest thing I have ever heard of being ‘outsourced.’ I’m almost speechless. Print news can be inaccurate enough when people actually cover an event…now you can literally phone it in?

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