5 thoughts on “Terry Egger, Susan Goldberg: Please listen to Wendy Hoke

  1. We need optimism like Wendy’s and skepticism, like Wendy’s – I know she can be as skeptical as anyone. I agree with her last line – that we rant because we care. We have high expectations and we believe that there’s no reason why the PD can’t be better if it really wants to be, through and through.

  2. Hey Jill, Anastasia and Jeff,I agree with all of the above. Regina can get a little preachy, but she’s also taken on some unpopular stands with strength — such as the young woman who followed the law and turned in her newborn baby instead of dropping her in a dumpster. Loved that one. I take it week by week, column by column.Jill — you are so kind, but I won’t kid myself into thinking anyone from PD will care or notice.Jeff — I’m an eternal optimist, but there’s a dark side that agrees with you. Let’s hope we’re both wrong.We rant because we care, no?Wendy

  3. Thanks for the thoughts, Anastasia.All columnists can tend toward that village scold side – I know when I’m drafting and re-drafting, sometimes – depending on the topic – I have to really listen to what I’ve written to screen that stuff out. Scolding just doesn’t work. Illuminating guilt that we think people should feel so that they feel shame enough to move toward action is a very hard thing to do and still be credible.You’ve been around a while – how is it that there’s such talent there, on an individual basis, but the paper still disappoints? Do you think that we expect too much?

  4. Hi Jill-Glad you survived the bar mitzvah.Yes, Wendy’s comments are right on. So many of them are so obvious, I’m surprised nothing has been done about them for years. The celebrity items on page 2 of Arts and Living (in which they’ve idiotically slashed local arts and music coverage) is a complete waste; all those stories are done earlier and in more depth elsewhere. Ted Diadiun is a joke; everyone can tell he’s a management apologist, not a reader representative, and he absolutely cannot separate his ultra-right-wing mindset from how regular people might view things. And the Metro section — which I call the Beaten Babies section – is nothing but a round-up of crime stories and a few fluffy festival/fun event stories. But ongoing coverage of matters of significance in the area is lacking. Something like election snafus they’ll cover in dribs and dabs but rarely do follow-up and seldom explain in depth why things are happening as they are. The same for any contentious suburban stories, such as that of the ongoing attack on the citizens of Cleveland Heights by its school board, a story that’s a paradign for the unresponsiveness and secretiveness of elected officials.Overall, it baffles me how few newspapers have gotten the fact that the way to compete with the internet is to focus on doing local stories and doing them best. And the PD’s web site REALLY sucks. It’s almost impossible to find anything without meandering around through a half dozen pages, and it looks terrible. If you go to just the headlines for simplicity, it’s littered with dozens of stories that are nothing but sports score updates. Would it be impossible to have a page JUST for sports scores and another for news stories?I do disagree with her about Regina Brett. I think she’s been sounding a little too much like the village scold lately.

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