Fed matching funds for abstinence-only to expire, re-allocate Ohio budget's $500K NOW

The U.S. Congress is going to let the matching program expire. From CQ Today:

The authorization for Title V abstinence-education grants expires at the end of June, and those on both sides of the sex-education debate agree that the $50 million-a-year mandatory-spending program — which draws an additional $37.5 million match from the states — stands little chance of winning an extension from a Democratic-controlled Congress.

So much for that “gain of $1.6 million” for Ohio in federal dollars, and the value of re-inserting 500K to draw it down via the Ohio budget bill.

My recommendation? Take that $500K out now and use it elsewhere for goodness sakes since we now know that the Fed money won’t be available. Duh.

H/t to Feministing.

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