4 thoughts on “One word review of the GOP debate (and the GOP itself)

  1. I know, I know. But I desperately wish people would distinguish themselves, by, you know – distinguishing THEMSELVES. Not by talking all about other people. In a court of law, we call that hearsay and it’s not usually admissible. Likewise for elections and judging candidates. That’s why I prefer the Meet the Bloggers forum to pretty much any other way of getting to know a candidate. I’m spoiled now.

  2. Amen. Though I think that the next Democratic debate will be similar in invective to last night’s GOP affair. With so many candidates those at the back of the field are either going to have to move up or move out.

  3. Totally fair and accurate observation, Wendell. However, I didn’t hear opinions as much as spatting and angling. I’m sure the Dems do it too – I want substance. I know, this is probably considered the getting to know you phase, but frankly, I’m less interested in getting to know them than I am in getting to know their visions and how they’re going to make their visions reality. That goes for all the candidates, not GOP or Dem only.

  4. A large tent has many opinions (instead of the united “Bush sucks!” on the part of the Democratic candidates).

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