Remains of the Day, 5-16-07

So often, I lament all the open tabs I have on my computer that represent stories I just didn’t get to blog about. So I’m going to try to start a Remains of the Day post every day that lists them all. Here goes:

Montana paper pays for discriminating against pregnant woman

Ohio BOE to crack down on bullying

Three year old dies under dresser during time-out

Take a survey to help determine how bloggers source information and use news content

Maybe everyone should divest from GE stock (and do they send the defective stuff to Iran?)

Let’s try wikis to develop education tech policy

Congress moves on federal law school loan forgiveness program (Jerid – I don’t know if blogging is considered public interest enough…)

Charlie Rose interviews Iraqi journalists about covering their country (especially hard when they don’t let you near the news)

Tim Ferris on why we must and can and should fight SB117

Sleep well everyone.

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