Christian site "Who is Your Creator" sponsors "online game" that doesn't evolve into much

Tell me where the game part is in this.

Here’s an MSNBC publication of the group’s press release and here’s the group’s website. And here’s a good post by Pharyngula about the Who is Your Creator’s creator, Julie Haberle.

Do you think the thing about things not being understandable is part of their point in making their website and “game” unintelligible?

2 thoughts on “Christian site "Who is Your Creator" sponsors "online game" that doesn't evolve into much

  1. Your openmindedness and humor, with a good dose of pragmatism is what I wish we all could develop and use on a daily basis. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Jill:For what it’s worth, here and here are a couple of essays I wrote about evolution from the perspective of this Christian. The short version is that of course evolution exists, the only question is when it started. If you play the movie backwards all the way to the Big Bang, neither camp can say for sure what things were like the instant before, and what triggered the event. I heard a lecture by a Princton cosmologist who simply said “We don’t talk about what’s outside the known Universe.” I don’t know anything about his faith, or even if he has one, but I thought this was a strange thing to say. Is he afraid God is on the other side?I personally think there’s a good chance that life on earth was seeded by beings who lived on Mars prior to its going cold and lifeless (when its core solidified, causing the magnetic field to collapse, which allowed the solar wind to erode the atmosphere away). And I think this is absolutely consistent with my faith because I don’t believe an omnipotent God would cause the creation of a universe full of wasted matter and false clues. Could be that the fossil evidence of the H. sapiens predecessors hasn’t been found on Earth because it is actually on Mars (or some other planet).Funny thing is that many atheists will say my ‘life came from Mars’ idea is crap too. I can find both humor and truth in the books of Douglas Adams (“Hitchhiker’s Guide”). Those books increased my understanding of my faith in a very positive way. There is also humor and truth in the Bible. If you read the second chapter of the Gospel of John as a Borst Belt style dialog between a Jewish mother and her son, it’s pretty funny.PL

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