Cleveland tourism up 28% as enforcement & litigation of SB16 loom

H/t to Sandy Mitchell at (via Brewed Fresh Daily) re: Cleveland tourism being up so much (the measurement is an increase in hotel stays). That’s great. I’m trying to find a resource for more info on that stat.

Now, Sandy, we’re friends, so yes, this is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but do you suppose you’ll be doing an if and when the new adult entertainment restrictions in SB16 go into effect?

Primarily, I really want to know how it will be enforced. This is no small matter since people cannot be arrested, charged and convicted (or acquitted God-willing) for crimes if the method of enforcement isn’t public and knowable. Just saying the activity is prohibited isn’t enough – due process and all that jazz, you know.

I’ve reviewed SB16’s bill analysis and its fiscal notes and I cannot for the life of me find anything that indicates who is going to enforce the restrictions as they are outlined in the bill.

I think the bill reads like Tennessee’s, at least the way TN’s restrictions are explained in the Akron Beacon Journal:

Tennessee has one of the most restrictive state laws, requiring the distance of six feet when a stripper is performing. Yet for the law to take effect, a county must give its approval.

[emphasis mine]

Precisely – SB16 too has language that “requires” a lot of restrictions but gives the local municipalities discretion (by using the word “may”) everywhere else.

And then, there’s always all the Ohio taxpayer money that will go into defending an unconstitutional and indefensible law, as has been happening in Tennessee. Read more about how the Fantasy Video store won in the TN Supreme Court and SCOTUS declined to hear the appeal here. That case has spurred a different TN community to be sued by adult store owners just this month.

So, yes, I’m thinking…an guide to navigating adult entertainment in Cleveland is going to be a must edition, yes?

(Sorry, Sandy-I couldn’t help myself.)

3 thoughts on “Cleveland tourism up 28% as enforcement & litigation of SB16 loom

  1. Jill — Some days I worry about you!Unfortunately, I believe it’s about 20 years too late for us to do that kind of undercover work.-S

  2. Jill– I appreciate that you’re out there trying to find me work, but I think I’ll leave the adult entertainment blog to those better versed in that area. ;-)Sandy

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