Complain Dealer? Oh no…

So I was browsing my traffic stats’ stuff and saw this:

“omplain dealer as website”

And as my morning mind started to try and figure out what the heck it was, I thought, “Complain? Complain Dealer? What the heck is that?”

And then I realized, “OH! Cleveland DOT COM – Plain Dealer.”

But, you know – this cleveland.complain Dealer thing? Maybe it’s part of why the website doesn’t get as many hits as it might?

Eee…Complain Dealer…oy…

5 thoughts on “Complain Dealer? Oh no…

  1. Well, yes, I understand the attractiveness of such quotes and that balance isn’t the highest meaning of fair. But there’s still a threshold issue of what is full truth. In some cases, it’s easy to know who knows everything there is to know about something. But in other cases, that’s not possible so you have to settle for what you can obtain. Does that still equal full truth, if there are observers or participants who don’t contribute what they know?

  2. I object to objectivity!I previously mentioned (4/30) being influenced by Ralph McGill, famed Editor of the morning Atlanta Constitution, who was a neighbor and sometimes at our breakfast table for conversations. Well, in the current CJR is an ad about Cynthia Tucker winning a 2007 Pulitzer and it contains a quote from Ralph that I never heard him say, but do believe is vintage McGill:I want truth and not objectivity, for the simple reason there isn’t any such thing as objectivity, and cannot be any such thing……No story worth reading seeks to be “objective.” Ralph McGill – February 23, 1947If we are unrelentingly inquisitive, listen to our intuition and follow with integrity where the facts lead, we have honored the truth. Balanced is not the highest meaning of fair. Only the full truth can be fair.

  3. 20 minutes would be enough slack!And, I’ve not forgotten about the thread on Editor Goldberg. I want to challenge that “objectivity” thing. Later.

  4. Hmm – are you saying, just because I see it, doesn’t mean I have to write about it? :)Sorry – seriously – I couldn’t believe it when I saw it – it was very very weird looking and I couldn’t figure it out and all I could see was clevelandcomplain dealer – just like that. Swear.I promise – I will be a good girl, listen to the audio John Kroll sent me, listen to this morning’s SOI and NOT write about the PD for at least…ooo – I don’t know – how long do you think I should ban myself?

  5. Take it easy on dot com plain!It is their Weblogs list where I discovered your intelligent, inquisitive, intuitive, inspirational intonations and interesting insights.

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