Does SB16 address bikini-clad coffee baristas? How about journos who write about having sex everyday?

I’m not kidding.

Baristas in bikinis: here and here. And, so I am not outdone by Wendell:

Photo by Lori Cain/Statesman Journal (Salem, OR)

Does my state Rep. Josh Mandel know how many Starbucks there are in our district (17th), not to mention Caribou Coffee and others? Enforcement nightmare ahoy.

Oh, wait, we don’t even know if SB16 will be signed, and once signed, how it will be enforced, and once enforced, be re-interpreted to call Starbucks a place of adult entertainment (which we know it is in the purest sense of the word). I see slippery slopes…

Denver Post reporter/blogger and sex: here and here. Don’t let your g-string get knotted – he writes about having sex once a day, every day, in a row, for 100 days – with his wife. It’s a book about rekindling marriage, not sex. But here’s some of the places they did it:

We did it on top of a mountain. During the porn industry’s annual flesh circus in Las Vegas. In a yoga ashram, and in a remote yurt. In an ostentatious hotel, a cheap motel, and a Very Victorian bed-and-breakfast in Wyoming in the dead of winter. In our basement…

For the first time in our relationship, we surveyed porno. Annie tested sex toys. I tried variations of one accessory several times, a simple device with a brutal name, a word so unsettling to me that I found it difficult to pronounce in anything more resounding than a whisper: cockring.

Let me tell you one thing about that very last word: Ogunquit, Maine. I was 17 and chambermaiding at a hotel called The Lemon Tree Inn and I always got paired with this French Canadian gay guy who loved to tell me about his escapades while we cleaned out refrigerators…

7 thoughts on “Does SB16 address bikini-clad coffee baristas? How about journos who write about having sex everyday?

  1. Thanks for the link, 2. I hadn’t read that yet. I think I have Chas’s RSS feed but I’ll have to check.I agree 100% with what he says. And I hope that the governor vetos it. So what if it gets overridden? To me, honestly, the point is that he take HIS stance and then let those legislators rise or fall on how they vote. Seriously. I can’t believe that if a person feels a certain way about something they can be so easily persuaded to vote against their interest or what they believe in. I know about poison pill legislation and all but still – for goodness sake. If this bill failed, there’s still the one from August that remains to be enforced. And if it passes, there’s hundreds of thousands of dollars that will be spent on petitions and on constitutional challenges. What a waste of money and effort. All for what? People who like the adult entertainment will find another venue – that is all. So then what? Again – I’ve written about this so many times – if you don’t change the underlying reasons for people’s behavior, no law is going to get people to change, unless the person wants to. End of story.

  2. Carole – I love that – the conservative focus on sex being a microcosm of the rest of the world. But, to be fair to the rest of the world, would we need to say that it’s a microcosm of the rest of the White, male world, or at least the male world? Not that women don’t think about sex and all – I’m all for that. But it sure isn’t the thing I would be legislating over if I were in an elected office.

  3. LOL when you look at the polls (on news websites, for example) overwhelmingly no one thinks this law is a good idea. Nor do I. But quelle suprise that Conservatives are on this bandwagon. We have so many real issues to get resolved in Ohio and they are focusing on sex. Ok, I guess it’s a microcosm of the rest of the world 🙂

  4. Thanks for still reading, Barbara. I’m picking up pics from the Bar Mitzvah tomorrow and hope to get a post up about it soon – believe it or not, my husband and I are still recovering!! But it was wonderful, better than could be imagined, truly.As for the SEX…lolI hear you, totally.Conservatives are totally using this issue for their own purposes and not for the actual good of anyone – because we don’t NEED this particular law, we need enforcement of what’s already in existence. That’s what bothers me. Passage of the law totally undermines their arguments about smaller government and less intrusion into our lives.And I just don’t get that.

  5. Oy!! I really should know better since sex is so triggering for me. But it is in our FACE every day. There’s all sorts of covert sex in the news, etc. And then we wonder why men think of us as objects? I am no prude but this is so disgusting and objectifying. As for the bikini clad barista? I thought less was more!Of course the web is full of These sorts of ads & endorsementsI will never understand people, particularly guys (sorry) who just have to BLAB about their escapades. Like guys who post on hooker review boards or seduction boards or I picked up a hot chick last night boards… TOO MUCH INFORMATION!What ever happened to real intimacy?I fear for my children.GOOD POST AS ALWAYS JILL!

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