Fear of Bush terror follows Bush

And I got upset because I couldn’t get to an airport conference room when Bush was in Columbus.

From The Daily Telegraph:

THREE city train stations and sections of the CBD will be shut down for three days in September when President George W Bush visits Sydney for the APEC summit.

The move comes on top of a plan to block mobile phones in the city centre to stop possible terrorist attacks on the US leader.

Prime Minister John Howard and NSW Premier Morris Iemma decided on the security measures for the summit of 21 world leaders after meeting in Sydney today.

Three city circle train stations – St James, Museum and Circular Quay – will all be closed between September 7 and 9.

In addition, some sections of the city will become restricted areas, but Mr Howard said the government would work with police to ensure the areas were minimised.

Do you the measures go too far? Tell us what you think.

APEC is the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference.

Hattip to this Australian blog, Sexualite. I can’t figure out how it showed up in traffic stats, but I love the first-hand how it affects the normal person view of Bush’s visit.

2 thoughts on “Fear of Bush terror follows Bush

  1. It’s just so perverse to me, you know? When the Queen visits, people are attracted to seeing her. When Bush goes somewhere, the watchword is: REPEL. Ugh.

  2. Blogging is a small world, but an interesting one. I’m not sure either (re: traffic).They’re thinking of making the Friday a public holiday, all because of George Bush’s visit, and it will definitely affect retail on the weekend as well, as I don’t think that people will be happy to step into the high security zone (takes up a few office blocks), lest they’re searched randomly.

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