Remains of the Day, 5-17-07

Were eaten by Firefox. No kidding. I left the screen to put my kids to bed (read, study for a fractions test, fold some laundry, order a child into the shower, that kind of stuff) and when I returned to the computer, what remained was nothing from the day but rather a screen on top of my email that said Firefox had to close unexpectedly and did I want to re-open. Bummer. I had a lot of open tabs and minimized articles.

So – let’s see what I can conjure back up:

1. There’s some thing at the bottom of my Blogger page here that says “Now Blogger saves your drafts automotically!” Very cool. Thanks, Blogger. I also read earlier this evening that Google is looking to hire some programmers to work on Blogger. My son has nothing planned for the summer yet so…I’m thinking…

2. From E-Media Tidbits: Are you a troll whisperer? I like this article a lot. It’s a prophylactic against trolls, based on being nice. Can you believe? I love this advice and some of it sounds familiar:

  • Don’t take the bait. Community leaders need to know that their responses serve as examples. If a moderator takes the bait, others will, too.
  • Be private. Public humiliation doesn’t benefit anyone. Trolls will use it as justification for further vitriol and the community itself will see that embarrassment is allowed. Rather than berate a troll in the open, moderators should use email or private messaging to engage in a back-channel dialog.
  • Set Up a Neighborhood Watch. All Web communities have regulars who can be counted on to stand guard when a moderator isn’t available. Moderators should foster relationships with these regulars. Get to know them through their posts, address them directly in the public forum, and (once they’ve earned your trust) drop them a note through a private e-mail address. These types of relationships give regulars a stake in the community, and when something goes awry they’ll let you know.

3. Some conference info:

An unconference for citizen journalists might be in the works

SPJ’s conference in the fall (I expect to go – any reason to get to D.C. works for me)

BlogHer conference in July (I’m crossing my fingers to present and go)

4. A link to WLST has ended up on a forum called, “AdultDVDTalk.” Oy.

5. Don’t step on that grate – no, really, do NOT step on that grate in the sidewalk

6. Borowitz on GOP prez hopefuls jockeying to be viewed as the whitest of the white

7. Social commentary as only Jeff Hess can show us

And now it’s time for sleep.

2 thoughts on “Remains of the Day, 5-17-07

  1. Hi Julia!!! I hope you are well! Thanks so much for still reading and commenting. You know, I think I was too quick to click re-open or something, my son tells me that I can do what you’re saying too, and I’ve never tried it. I promise next time it happens to remember to do so. I’m going to visit your blog now!

  2. Did Firefox ask if you wanted to reopen all the tabs you had original opened? Whenever it shuts down unexpectedly for me, it always asks if I want to reopen all the tabs or start fresh. Depending on what I had open, sometimes I reopen everything. Or I can always check my history, but sometimes there are a lot of links, versus whatever I just had open. Anyway, I feel your pain and frustration, but wanted to let you know about the reopen option. :o)

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