Let my superintendent double dip; bad online coverage by Chagrin Herald Sun

This week’s Chagrin Herald Sun had a front-page hard news article about Orange City Schools Superintendent Dan Lukich doing the retire-rehire thing. And as a resident, tax-payer and user of the Orange public schools, that is fine by me. The system allows it, he’s put in years and years, the results have been beyond acceptable and I’m a-okay with him following the system under which he’s worked and lived. If Ohioans don’t like the system, tell your state legislators and get to work on changing it. But Lukich is not acting unethically or immorally for following what’s been provided. I’ve been consistent in feeling this way on these types of sets of circumstances.

Done on that point.

Now, as for the second point: When I went to Google and searched on, “Chagrin Herald Sun Dan Lukich,” all I got was your editorial slamming the ability for that to happen, not the relevant, published on the same day hard news story to which readers could refer, to get the non-editorialized info about the situation. (And it wasn’t easy to figure out how to get to your paper’s homepage that then listed out all the 5/17/07 articles – though they are all there.)

I don’t know why that happened or happens, but as a reader and resident, I’d ask that you check it out. At a minimum, publish and cross-reference the pieces to one another.

Because who knows – before you can say REHIRE or RETIRE, people will be calling your paper unsavory things worse than “a rag” – you know, like…a BLOG.

7 thoughts on “Let my superintendent double dip; bad online coverage by Chagrin Herald Sun

  1. Many people act as if these people wrote the law and hire themselves to the jobs THEY EARNED COMPETITIVELY. The employer could always hire someone with no track record and cross their fingers. I suppose next many will complain that teachers and school administrators get summers off. Folks need to get a life…you want to be a teacher, a cop, a fireman, or any other type of civil servant…take the test…but be ready to start at the bottom and stay there for quite awhile.

  2. Thanks, Dave. No – I am not on the Orange City Schools school board. And I’ve never run for it either.I do like your suggestion about the reduced salary – is that a common thing that such a person would agree to? Also – do they ever make a deal by which there would be someone in training or something?

  3. Well king, I’m sorry but that’s a rather childish little rant. I don’t know the history of your districts, but I do know that the kind of thing you are describing happens all over the state. School board district lines don’t coincide with township, village, or county lines (we have about 200 residents out of 15K that live in a different county–weird), and to expect them to would be a mess all across the state. And who’s to say that the businesses you mention would be where they are if the school board lines were drawn differently? And it’s unfortunate that you take your rant out on Jill, who, unless she’s not telling me something, isn’t on the school board up there. Bonobo and Jill, thanks for your sensible comments on retire/rehire and for not calling it “double dipping” which is a loaded and misleading term. Now I do hope your supt. is getting a reduced salary; that’s a savings to the district and one way the district wins as well as the employee.

  4. Thanks, Bonobo. That’s a very reality-based response, which we all kind of know you will give most of the time, esp. the part about the jealousy. It’s easy to say that times change and people’s feelings about how these things are arranged can change too. That simply means then that people who are unhappy with the arrangements need to work to convince those that they elect that a change is necessary. It’s a critical mass issue.Your point about the changing landscape of retirement benefits really is key. I would guess that that’s what’s being realized by larger and larger numbers of us, and ultimately it probably will lead to some changes.

  5. I have to say that I can’t figure out a single thing other than jealousy that could motivate me to speak out against the Retire-Rehire deals. Maybe you could require that the job be posted and at least three candidates interviewed publicly…Defined Benefit pensions are rapidly disappearing from the retirement benefit landscape, and this situation will disappear along with them. As far as regular working people are concerned… My Stepfather put in 20+ years with GM, retired, and put in another twenty with the sherriff’s dept. as a guard in the county jail while collecting his GM pension. Regular working people have collected paychecks and pensions simultaneously all along. Not at the same place, granted, but still…

  6. Of course you don’t mind! Orange Schools have been ripping off Bedford City Schools for many years. There is a patch of property within the City of Bedford Ht corp. limits that for some reason falls in Orange School District footprint.Because of this the tax money from these companies goes to Orange the Orange School District. Yet this area is serviced by the City of Bedford Hts.Orange School district refuses to do the right thing and let these monies go to the rightful owners – Bedford School District.As for teachers and administrators double dipping – of course you would agree with this as you are out of touch with everyday working people. Responsible districts place limitations and restrictions when retirees come back to work under these circumstances.But then again you democrats are against anything that would require the schools to be responsible.

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