Remains of the Day, 5-18-07

Let’s get right to them because I need to go to bed!

1. I’m get a lot of hits from a domain connected to the Vermeer Quartet. ‘Fess up someone. Now, one of my kids is reading Chasing Vermeer, but I really don’t think there’s any connection.

2. Please contribute ideas to Lisa Renee at Glass City Jungle for meals we can make when living on an infinitessimally small budget a la the Food Stamp Challenge and Tim Ryan.

3. There’s an interesting debate I’m having on Brewed Fresh Daily about scholarship money for kids with special ed needs whose parents want them to attend non-public schools.

4. India has gazillions of newspapers, so why would they even want to write for the Pasadena Sun!?

5. The PD on Email Etiquette. You’d really think people would get this stuff by now. But no.

6. Too much retail space in NEO? What! No! You’re kidding! Not.

7. Teacher killed by husband, and not with a gun. Absolutely tragic. Domestic violence is a perfect example of how, unless we work to eradicate the underlying causes for people’s behavior, these instances will never be eliminated.

8. Okay – I don’t know exactly what the author is saying in this article, but I want to – it’s about authentic communication on the Internet. What do you think she’s saying?

9. People read deep, online more so than in print. How about that!? EyeTrack is the study. Go read it. So much for short attention span theories.

10. Romenesko – if you aren’t reading his stuff, you’re not keeping up.

Over and out and goodnight!

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