I was one of those kids who always loved getting mail. And now I’m an adult who always loves getting mail. And I’m a blogger who loves getting comments. Because I love feedback, to know I don’t live in a vacuum. I’m happy with just a few people reading the blog, but mostly because the ones that read I know want to and leave comments.

So I’m trying to catch up and I cannot believe it but according to my inbox, I have 163 comments that I haven’t responded to. Now, I know that number isn’t correct because maybe a third to a half of those are doubles – that is, the comment comes in and I click “publish” and it generates the published comment.

That gets me down to 81 or so comments. Then, there are about 20 to 30 comments that aren’t comments but rather emails sent to people who commented and they still come up on my search because they have [writes like she…] in the subject line.

That gets me down to around 50 comments or so.

That go back to April 15. And the Billy Joel concert.

And I even have one from Paul from January 31, because it was long and I haven’t taken the time to really respond well. But I will, Paul, I haven’t forgotten!

Back to replying, then going to synagogue for my daughter’s last day of services for this religious school year.

Have a good shabbos everyone.

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