SB16 & the Barbie Bandits: it's the underlying causes, stupid

This article and this one could not be better examples as to why SB16 1) won’t do a damn thing to help eliminate the motivations people have to enter the adult entertainment industry and 2) how our time and money and legislative efforts would be better spent on education and job creation.

Also note the hints in the articles re: how these girls are absolutely ripe for recidivism, and they haven’t even entered pleas yet. No one will hire them. They are 19, with high school diplomas, robbery charges pending and no job prospects.

What do you think should be done with, for or on behalf of these two girls? What should have been done before they reached this point? Are the parents still responsible for these girls’ decisions, simply because of their age, or something else? Or not?

It is never simple, even when it seems like it’s so simple.

I must be close to 57 reasons as to whyh SB16 stinks.

Hattip to Maternally Challenged.

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