Local officer refuses to wear Taser, resigns

The Chagrin Valley Times, 5/17/07, detailed how part-time officer, Roger Wolf, in the South Russell Police Department chose to resign from the town’s police department because he did not want to wear a Taser on his body. “If they put the policy back to where we could carry it in the car, I’d go back, but I’m not wearing it.”

The item isn’t available online but it doesn’t offer any answers to why the officer doesn’t want to wear it on his person. I would love to know the answer to that. The article runs to a second page but again, there’s no specifics about the officer’s motivations. It’s impossible to know why.

As a local story, and me being a local reader, it’s that kind of information that I’m most interested in: why? Why does he find the requirement of wearing the Taser on his body as worth his resignation? What do other towns allow/require? Nationwide? How unusual is this man’s response to being told he must wear the Taser?

Anyone know, please comment.

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