Remains of the Day, 5-20-07

I can’t believe it, but I’ve cleared out all the items in my RSS feed reader and even added a few new feeds. I’m now at 160 feeds, broken into nine categories. Here’s the hitch: I’ve “checked” or saved 1252 items because, for whatever reason, I think I’m going to go back to them and read them or link them or send them or…do something with them.

Ironically, last Thursday, NPR had a segment (see here and here) on pack rats last week and storage space, both reality-based and virtual. The discussion mentioned how little difference there is between being a virtual versus being a corporeal-based saver. My boxes of piles of papers that I developed in order to clear out space for the bar mitzvah, and my 1200+ saved feed items are testimony to that theory.

Let’s go:

1. Court rules that high school senior’s discipline for saying “That’s so gay!” sticks I’m still trying to understand the circumstances, after reading the story three times, but it appears that the girl was teased for being Mormon, she jibed back, “That’s so gay!” and then she got disciplined for saying that phrase. I don’t know. I’m a big proponent of zero tolerance when it comes to bullying, but there’s some facts missing from this tale that would probably help. According to this version of the news story, the family is not appealing the court’s decision.

2. According to Plunderbund, the Creation Museum will be opening over Memorial Day weekend. Science educators, including CWRU’s Lawrence Krauss, are signing petitions to express their protest of the lack of science in the exhibits. The Cincinnati Enquirer has the full story here.

3. Okay – this story from the Youngstown Vindicator wasn’t easy for me to understand when I first read it twice this morning, and it’s not any easier now, but the gist is that the government is giving and taking away insurance coverage for the survivors of military personnel who die during duty. Tell me what it means after you read it, would you?

4. Rank and file reject rankings as rank. And that’s been a big topic around this blog lately so I’m happy to see that colleges feel similarly skeptical about the value and relevance of US News and World Reports college ranking.

5. I love this article that compares and contrasts speeches from Hillary RC and Barack. It’s probably a geeky writer thing, but I’ve also started to really like the idea of speech-writing. Also, I watche Frank Luntz for a few minutes while on the treadmill a couple of morning’s ago and let me tell you – he splices and dices what people say, but there is no magic to it. He’s just got his thinking cap on, and if we all did, then the spin would be far from in.

6. Firefox stalled on me and I lost the link for something about foster care rules but it had to do with what I’ve know about for years and I guess it’s really just an evergreen article about how large a portion of foster care review and selection is outsourced by the county DCFs to private nonprofits. Trust me, if the reviews were all done by the counties, nothing much would necessarily change, so I’m not sure why there’s an article about it, except to remind people about the system

Sweet dreams.

4 thoughts on “Remains of the Day, 5-20-07

  1. Loved the Wash Post article on Obama and Clinton, and love the fact that they allow comments. It always intrigues me to hear perspectives. Overall, my philosophy is that we have left the fate of our Country to politicians for too long, it’s time to take control back…so whether or not Obama is being genuine, I like the idea. As Bob Dylan said in Rolling Stone this month, we can’t expect politicians to do our work for us.

  2. Jill:A couple of thoughts on the Creation Museum piece: I’m not sure why it is that the Judeo-Christian creation mythology attracts so much animosity, especially when there aren’t any faith traditions I know of (except maybe Scientology) which explicitly espouse the Big Bang + evolution line of thinking. I imagine that pretty much every faith tradition has the notion of supernatural creators. Certainly there are plenty of museums that explore the mythologies of ancient peoples, such as the Egyptions, the Incas, the Indians and the Chinese. Most are run by the government, with tax dollars.I guess it must have something to do with the number of people in America who come from a Judeo-Christian tradition.I also find it interesting that the protesters seem to come from a Judeo-Christian tradition as well (although the last practitioner might be a generation or two back). It’s really kind of a religious civil war, I think.Nothing nastier than a family feud.PL

  3. What Number 3 means is, if you buy DIC coverage through the VA that you should make sure the beneficiary is not the same person as your SBP coverage from the military. The DIC policy does not pay nearly as well and it cancels your other coverage. From the article: “the much less lucrative Dependency and Indemnity Compensation plan through the Department of Veterans Affairs, which cancels the SBP policy.”And: “The adviser told her to sign the DIC payments over to the couple’s three children, which allowed her to keep the SBP payments..”This is pretty typical of how the govt. works, sorry to say. I’ll tell you about it sometime.

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