WLST #5 on BNN Most Influential Political Blog Index

Must be all that writing about the new system. View the Blog Net News Ohio list here.

Do you think it’s a balanced list? What if anything do you think it represents?

Again, I’m really not sure, in the existential sense, even though I know more or less what it represents on a metrics level.

5 thoughts on “WLST #5 on BNN Most Influential Political Blog Index

  1. Congrats Jill!Guess I may be the blog you just shake your head at – haha!I see that I made #18 for whatever that is worth.Figured I was the only one who read my blog…..

  2. Scott, I’m glad you wrote that – I thought it looked more inclusive too, but the limits of the ranking do show through, if you, in the generic sense, know these individual bloggers/blogs that aren’t showing up in the top 20. We know how it’s mostly one person with a blogging life and…several other lives. We know how one sick kid, or one week of overtime, or one family event or house disaster affects what we can write about and when and how much. So, I stick with what I said in the beginning which was that outsiders who want a quick picture of the Ohio political blogging landscape should just be aware of the limits of the ranking – because, of course, to know us all, is to love us all. 🙂 Even if we’re not posting as much as others or being read by those who crave the tabloid of others. I said to someone recently, it’s like the reason why the NY Post is the only paper with increased circulation. But then no one in journalism really wants to emulate the NY Post’s vapid and inflated content.So – we’re the authors – we get to choose.Anyway – yeah – I agree with you – this week anyway – looks more representative of the ‘sphere we know.

  3. This week’s list seemed to me to be a bit more inclusive. I was glad to see some blogs on there that didn’t make the first couple of lists.Of course WLST coming in at #5 is very cool in my book.We slipped a bit, but being in the top 20 is a fun thing – whether or not it actually means anything. I think this week’s list had a bit more meaning for me, at least.

  4. Thanks, Barbara. Apparently there are at least 90 Ohio blogs that link through BNN. I believe this week’s ranking includes a lot of the ones I find to be the best or at least worthy of respect. And, as always, some about which I just shake my head, and a few still that aren’t on at all that should be.It’s a numbers thing, it’s a list – we all know that. But it’s interesting to see how it changes from week to week. Healthy skepticism is our friend. 🙂

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