OH DOE Science standard for First Graders overlaps with Food Stamp Challenge

One classroom in an Ohio public school is taking this Ohio science standard:

Explore that organisms have basic needs: air, water, food, space, shelter. Organisms can only survive in environments that meet their needs.

and demonstrating it in the classroom this way:

Please do NOT send a snack to school today. We are going to think about our basic ned for “FOOD”. [sic] We will record our feelings about this basic need before we eat our lunch today!

I’ve been trapped on highways in standstills for hours and rationed goldfish, Starbursts and half-full water bottles. But boy, depriving 24 seven year olds of their morning snack? Under the tutelage of one adult? That is not something I want to witness.

Isn’t it interesting, however, that this particular classroom’s experiment dovetails with the Food Stamp Challenge?

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