Remains of the Day, 5-21-07

Wow – okay – lots to leave:

1. I’ve always thought I liked the Literary Mama ezine. I received word today that its blog has an entry for writing submissions for something called the In The Motherhood Scriptwriting Contest. With trepidation, I clicked on the hyperlinked words and my fears were realized: In the Motherhood is, lo and behold, connected to Suave’s Pretty Mommy Movement! ACK!

2. Please read Bill Callahan’s post on the how the Ohio House will be holding hearings starting this Weds. on SB 117. He provides an excellent list of what we must recommend to our statehouse representatives be accomplished by whatever version the House chooses to pass – because, as Bill asserts, there will be a bill passed on this issue of telecom service. Bill is not someone to ignore and I personalized the list and sent it to my rep, Josh Mandel, who happens to be the vice-chair of the House Committee on Public Utilities.

3. Have I mentioned how there’s a bill in the Kansas legislature to create a system that would let you search on any word, like “furniture” and find out how much state money was spent by the KS gov’t on…furniture? Should we do this or what!? (sorry if this is a repeat but I love the idea)

4. Susan at BlueOhioan recommends reading this article from In These Times about the evolution of Democrats. I ditto her.

5. RIP, Terry Ryan, author of The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio.

6. So, what kind of mother does this make Dr. Laura? There is only one answer: one who wants to help her son anyway she can, I would hope, whatever it means, whatever it takes. Good luck to them both.

7. Finalists announced in the first ever Mirror Awards for media reporting on … the media.

8. Florida moves presidential primary to Jan. 29, 2008. Oy.

9. From the Chronicle of Higher Education, more questioning of college rankings by magazines.

10. The Dayton Daily News covers the very important topic of what happens to the mentally ill when they get imprisoned and not placed into treatment.

11. Has anyone tried putting The Newsroom on their blog yet? I’m thinking about it.

12. No More Words? And no more promises. (for Pho)

13. I love articles like this one about why some newspapers capitalize the W in Iraq War and others don’t.

14. Last but not least, and linked to from other blogs, Dann as Spitzer?

Lila Tov!

One thought on “Remains of the Day, 5-21-07

  1. Shalom Jill,Two questions (on The Newsroom):Who gets to decide what videos run?Who gets to decide what is news?Stinks like a advertorial scam to me, but hey, I could be wrong.B’shalom,Jeff

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