[updated] A PD editorial, written to love: Strickland should veto anti-stripper bill

UPDATE: From the Columbus Dispatch, on the question of which of our Ohio political leaders have been to a strip club, we learn that our dear Governor at least is honest (no surprise, and thank you, Governor Strickland; sheesh!) and House Speaker Husted a little cagey (he’s not that old to begin with so which younger years does he mean) and Senate President more cagey (does it really matter where you visited the strip club, Bill?). Look guys – no matter your answer, you could always have said that at least you haven’t been to as many as Phil Burress frequented before his conversion. Kudos to Dispatch Statehouse Reporter, Jim Siegal, for asking and getting the answers.

Another update: Here’s the Akron Beacon Journal’s editorial on the bill, titled, Virtual Toadies.

I gave up my Plain Dealer subscription because I hated how the editorial that endorsed Issue 3 was reasoned (although I really like the writer who wrote it, but I didn’t know who wrote it at the time and well, yeah, I don’t know if it would have made a difference – but hindsight, 20/20 all that).

Now comes this wonderfully written and reasoned editorial (whose author remains unknown to me) about why Governor Ted Strickland should veto SB16.

Of course I and many others (though the right of center blogs have been very quiet on the issue itself) have written about most of the same reasons cited in the editorial before in the name of the same outcome: veto the thing.

The bill erodes local control (previously a bellwether of whether you’re a real Republican) and thus shows up the schizophrenia of the Republican party and its special interest lockdown. It will also have an effect on my district which houses adult establishments (my state rep. Josh Mandel voted for the bill). I’ve seen nothing to explain how the local communities should be expected to fall in line, how they should pay for doing so or who, in fact, is going to be responsible for enforcing the restrictions, should they become law.

So what if there’s an override likelihood of a Strickland veto?

Make these legislators accountable. They’re so willing to be the emissaries of Phil Burress and the Citizens for His Community Values? Then let them show just how willing they are – to their constituents.

This Toledo Blade editorial likewise is to love and repeats my refrain and others: What a waste:

Opposition to this bill does not equate to an endorsement of the adult entertainment industry. It is, instead, opposition to a measure that wastes lawmakers’ time, that allows them to posture for a special-interest group, and demonstrate what little imagination they have for the issues that really matter to Ohioans.

Talk about chronic procrastinators – the award would have to go to these legislators, or at the very least, their leaders who allow this stuff to sidetrack them.

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