Women in the Ohio political blogosphere

So Blog Net News Ohio is now doing this influence index thing. And, as deserved, Lisa Renee’s Glass City Jungle is firmly planted at the top of the Top 20. I scooted in this week but I’m far less reliable when it comes to posting (IMO) than Lisa Renee.

That’s it. Totally it, for the Top 20 out of over 100 Ohio blogs that list with BNN.

Now, there are others that include women in the group:

The Chief Source
has Terra.

Buckeye State Blog
has women frontpagers though not posting anywhere near as often as the men.

Word of Mouth blog has Paula, Loraine, Kelly.

Right Angle Blog has others post but I don’t know if any are women – many posters there use pseudonyms so someone will have to out whether or not those authors are women

OPENERS is an MSM blog, but yes, there are women who post through it.

And I think that’s it for women-contribution in the Top 20.

On the general list:

As Ohio Goes was Cindy Zawadski but she’s been invisible lately (I’ve sent a couple of emails to her – don’t know anymore though, hopefully, it’s just life moving on).

BlueOhioan has Susan

Brewed Fresh Daily gets a woman posting now and then – Gloria, myself, others

Some of the Cincinnati blogs might – I don’t follow them closely

Faithful Ohio
is Renee in Ohio who blogs at several places and does a great job

Madrigal Maniac – I think is female, yes? Sorry that I don’t recall

Thurber’s Thoughts is written by Maggie Thurber, in the Toledo area.

And those are the only ones I can identify as being written by or having contributions from women. Please add in information on others if you have it.

So – out of a total of more than 100 blogs, a few at least that are not currently active, I could identify a female presence of some type in 13 of them.

Hmmm, women make up what proportion of the voting electorate? Of the number of high school graduates? Of purchasers and decision-makers in households?

I don’t know.

But I know women make up 100% of mothers, daughters and wives (we’re not arguing about that last one today, okay?).

How good is the representation in the Ohio political blogosphere for women’s issues? Do we need to care?

I don’t know. I do what I do, I know Lisa Renee does what she does. What do other’s think about these numbers? I’ve read about how one thing bloggers like to do is get more people blogging. I agree. I’ve just been asked to speak at a girl’s forum on women and technology. Ripe opportunity.

Again – what do others who frequent blogs and consider themselves news consumers think about this info, if you think about it at all?

3 thoughts on “Women in the Ohio political blogosphere

  1. Okay! Now see! That is exactly the problem! (I’m laughing so hard I’m going to fall off my chair) You read it THAT way! MEN! ARGH!BIG SMILEY FACE TO YOU GEORGE.Ask McK, I suppose! I’m married. ;)Posting. Get them posting. Oh brother. I mean sister. I mean, God. I mean, WHATEVER. I cannot believe you overthink more than me. I didn’t think it was humanly possible.We love you George – what more can we say? Please – get us to post.OH MY GOD. lol ok – I’m going to take care of my kids now…

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