Make them stop! Please!

I just had to get that out – does any other voter in Ohio feel that way, about the wasted time of the Ohio legislature on things like stripper-protection laws (no offense, strippers, you do need protection but still – it’s there already just waiting to be enforced) and now another gun proposal – this time, to get rid of all permit requirements? And foreign policy bills that have nothing to do with job creation, education or high-tech or environment?


I feel a little better now – but I would just like to know, if you could see the legislators working on a wishlist of bills, what would that wishlist look like?

5 thoughts on “Make them stop! Please!

  1. Sporer – I took a look at your blog and I appreciate you commenting here. The ability to say “look how busy I am!” and be doing nothing of value is political affiliation-neutral, don’t you think? But even if you don’t think that, tell me – how would a good conservative explain the Ohio legislature’s inaction?Btw, I think your suggestion about every other year is very cute. šŸ™‚ (And I’m a lawyer too)

  2. Excellent suggestions, Lori. Certainly would think they’d get to that before the state senators would have gotten to the pay raises they gave themselves yesterday. Budget – how about that budget folks???

  3. Don’t you think its better if legislature’s can only meet every other year? I do.You ought to see the nut bag libs in control of the Iowa legislature.

  4. These morons have hijacked conservativism and redecorated as reichstag-like activists. The last time I checked, conservative meant to do little if anything in the way of change…You can have these guys (and gals), they’re not on my team.

  5. How about adequate and equitable school funding for starters? My second priority would be healthcare for all Ohio citizens under 18.

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