Remains of the Day, 5-22-07

Well, it’s been a roller-coaster of a day, one of those when politics frustrates as much as or more than it fascinates. Not just me, but those practicing it.

On with it:

1. Lots of Winkelman roundup from SCOTUS:

NPR’s Nina Totenberg had this story yesterday on “All Things Considered” discussing the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of parents attempting to ensure their children’s special education needs are met; in today’s New York Times, Linda Greenhouse reports here on the Court’s Winkelman opinion, allowing families of students with disabilities the right to go to court on their own; Robert Barnes has this article in the Washington Post; McClatchy’s Michael Doyle reports here; David G. Savage has this article on the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act case in the LA Times; and Tony Mauro reports here for the Legal Times.

I’ll be on WCPN’s weekly regional roundup on Thursday and that case is currently scheduled to be one of the topics.

2. While our Ohio State Senators were busy not working on the Ohio budget bill and oggling the House version of SB16 (which I still think Strickland should veto), they managed to squeeze in time to…give themselves a raise give their staffs a raise! How do they do it all? Quietly, would be my answer.

3. For those who follow the GOP prez candidates, here’s a transcript of John McCain’s blogger conference call.

4. Cliff Schecter posts the C-Span coverage of Monica Goodling’s testimony tomorrow.

5. Admitted snap judgement: mental health people did a crappy job of risk assessment in the case of the Idaho man who targeted people he knew and shot them before killing himself. This case has Tarasoff written all over it.

6. An embargoed report (until June 4) I received today from HBNS says that a new study has found that depressed people gain more from getting married. The research was done by two researchers at OSU and the article about it will be published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, June 2007. Based on the marriages I know, and the depressed people I know, I would say that yes, depressed people gain more than the not depressed person – except that the not depressed person might get depressed – and I don’t know what the study says about a marriage in which two people are actively depressed. How depressing.

7. Here’s a fantastic post about interviewing, by MediaShift. Excellent for Meet the Bloggers folks and all citizen journalists to review. Refutes other news that had been coming out saying that the interview is dead.

8. And, last but not least and also about marriage: Texas wants to pass a law that requires all couples, ALL couples, who want to get married to either take a state-sanctioned marriage counseling course or pay money in lieu of the course. Please someone, stop the madness in the social legislating. How can these same conservatives talk about judicial activism when they pull this crap on the ENTIRE POPULATION of a state?

I just have to excerpt this from the ABC report:

Under the bill, couples eager to marry who attend a state-approved premarital counseling course will have the state’s marriage license fee — which would double from $30 to $60 — waived. Couples who receive counseling will also dodge the state’s 72-hour mandatory marriage waiting period.

[Republican State Rep. Warren] Chisum said that if the bill goes into effect Sept. 1, each of the 253 counties in Texas would file with a list of locations to the state where couples could receive counseling and shave $30 off the cost of their marriage license. The state would also offer its own generic course, lasting eight hours, and make grants available to couples who want to take the state-run class but don’t have money to enroll.

While Chisum said he expects many of the counseling locations will be associated with Texas churches, he said the law would apply to all denominations.

Are there no atheists in Texas? So they have to pay? Maybe they should review which denominations contribute the most to divorce and just make them submit to counseling?

And goody, goody, now that Chisum’s task is nearly done with the Healthy Marriage stuff, here’s his next act:

Chisum is also working on a divorce bill that has been hung up in this legislative session and that he intends to pursue next year. That legislation would require at least one of the two parties seeking the split to attend a “divorce training” seminar to discuss the challenges — from financial to familial — of legally divorcing.

“It is my personal belief that divorce is destroying our country,” Chisum said.

Who are these people calling proponents of a nanny state?

And what do you think will happen to depressed people who marry non-depressed people but have to go through the marriage counseling? Will that make the depression dissipate or devolve?

See what I mean about more frustrated than fascinated?

GOOD night.

2 thoughts on “Remains of the Day, 5-22-07

  1. THANK YOU! Red. Fixed. It’s funny, I remember reading it and I remember thinking, “starting salaries”? What are they talking about?Sigh, the problem with reading and writing after 5pm…

  2. That raise was for Senate staffers, not Senators, and it’s the first one in 18 months.Beyond that, their pay is abysmal: 31500 (post raise) for senior senate staffers.

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