Strickland won't sign SB16, will let it become law

So says Ohio Daily Blog, and who am I to question? (no other source found yet reporting the same though):

UPDATE: Strickland has just announced that he will allow the bill to become law without signing it. This will get huge media coverage tomorrow.

From the Dayton Buzz, news of the state senate okaying the House changes, but as of 4:10pm, no word on Strickland’s actions. That Sammy! Must have, you know – picked up a phone or something! 🙂

Update from WLST: Okay, I’m very disappointed. The Governor is giving a lame excuse, per the Columbus Dispatch blog:

The governor previously had expressed concerns about whether the bill was constitutional and would have vetoed it had he decided that were the case, spokesman Keith Dailey said.

But ultimately, Strickland decided to respect the wishes of the citizens who signed petitions seeking the law and the legislators who voted for it, and he just didn’t believe the issue was important as other issues facing the state, Dailey said.

My emphasis.

The citizens who signed the law? Okay – this article says that the petitions showed only 142,000 signatures. The population of this state is over 11.5 million, 75% of whom are over 18. Is it really proper to allow the bill to become law based on less than 1% of the population?

Sorry, Governor – I really like you. But you made a mistake. You should have vetoed this bill. Now our tax dollars, like Tennessee’s, will go towards the Attorney General’s office defending what should never have existed in the first place and will never even be implemented before it gets challenged.

One thought on “Strickland won't sign SB16, will let it become law

  1. Now I am really depressed; I’ve somehow missed this before today. This is really a waste of our money and I thought better of him. I hope this isn’t a precedent for how he will handle tough issues we cannot afford that.

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