The WOM Blog disrobes WLST

Damn, I thought I could make this charade of bottom-up domination last forever but no. Scott Bakalar has to go and be all techie on me and do a mash-up and show off to the world my little plot.

Well, Scott – I pledge allegiance only to Underdog, and aim to fulfill the aspirations of no one except TV Reporter Sweet Polly Purebread.

Just as they succeeded in saving the world, HA! So will I!

While you, you sir, are nothing more than a Simon Bar Sinister substitute!

YOU SHALL ALL SEE!!! Mwwwwwaaaahhhh….

3 thoughts on “The WOM Blog disrobes WLST

  1. There’s no need to fear …. !Writes Like She Talks will make it clear!See, Jill. I told ya so. 😉

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