Businesses failure to detect fake ID means we pay $100+? for licenses that arrive weeks later?

So here’s another thing from today’s press conference by President Bush:

At the end of the conference, he gets lobbed a question about the immigration bill in the U.S. Congress. And he says, hey, you know, small businesses and heck even large businesses – they can’t always tell if documentation is valid or not. That’s why we need to create tamper-proof IDs.

What is wrong with this man?

Number 1. There is no such thing as tamper-proof. Just as there is no such thing as “winning” the war against terrorism. There just isn’t, okay? You are delusional if you think otherwise. Can we reduce the likelihood of tampering and the damages, should it occur? Yes. Can we foster relations in the Middle East that will stabilize the region enough that 1) the sentiments that make people want to support or fear Al Qaeda are compromised to the point of no one paying attention to them and 2) those countries involved can get on with governing themselves and running their countries? I pray we can – but yes, I believe we can.

But get this – we’re not eliminating Al Qaeda. Possibly ever. We haven’t even eliminated small pox, and that’s about as close as we’ve gotten to eliminating anything.

And frankly, we should not be trying to kill off every single discontented person in the world. That’s just ill and the wrong approach.

Number 2. Why aren’t we making the business do a better job? Why is Bush satisfied with how the business discern valid versus invalid? Maybe he is – but he didn’t mention it. Isn’t anyone else tired of the burden falling on us to provide more and more and more, and the businesses not expected to amp up their ability to gather and evaluate the documentation?

I suspect, closer to the truth is the fact that the businesses don’t want to be checking documentation – they are making money off of not checking. Which is why Simpson-Mazzoli could simply be enforced and we’d be in a better situation that we are now, let alone than we’ll be after immigration reform, if it looks like the current proposal.

Number 3. The cost on the American people and way of life. It is too great now and it’s only going to increase as Bush and those who believe as he does pursue their ideology. Cost us too much in immigration reform – individuals and businesses, cost us too much in our liberties, cost us too much in “bringing ’em to justice” because our countrymen get “brought to justice” too.

Bush said numerous times how dangerous Al Qaeda’s ideology is and that Osama bin Laden is dedicated to that ideology.

Mr. President – are you any different? You have an ideology and you’ve used our citizens to pursue it. Sure, you got elected so you figure you have the mandate to do this to us.

But this is a democracy, and not all Americans asked you to proceed this way and the majority of Americans do not want you to proceed this way. You say we just don’t know – that if we knew, we’d feel differently.

Guess what? We’re adults, those of us who voted and those of us who’ll suffer the consequences if you follow we we’re telling you we want you to follow.

What’s the number one rule in raising kids? They need to suffer the consequences. You say that you’re protecting us from ourselves, perhaps?

Well – if life is so risky now, I’m willing to have the troops brought home and diplomatic and political muscle inserted into the process at surge levels and take a risk that my life will get riskier. Because frankly, I don’t see how the world is going to be any less risky a place to live if we stay in Iraq.

Just some thoughts in need of debate.

2 thoughts on “Businesses failure to detect fake ID means we pay $100+? for licenses that arrive weeks later?

  1. I don’t see how the world is going to be any less risky a place to live if we stay in Iraq.Well, I do. If we stay in Iraq, we reduce the probability of some really negative possible outcomes.Some of the possible outcomes of a premature departure include:1) the collapse of the Iraqi government with the probability of a real civil war and massive bloodbath;2) active intervention in Iraq by her neighbors, including Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, with the possibility of regional war;3) de facto control of southern Iraq by Iran, giving it control of much of the world’s second largest oil reserves;4) establishment of a secure base of operations for Al Qaeda from which it could project power to the Middle East, the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere;5) proof to our adversaries that the U.S. can be defeated;6) proof to our current (and potential) allies that the U.S. cannot be trusted when the going gets tough.You’re entirely free to believe that none of these will happen, or even if they do happen, they won’t make your life any riskier. I respectfully disagree.

  2. Jill:#1: I think the genie is out of the bottle relative to terrorism, that we’re now in a world of permanently higher risk, and need to figure out how to live it it. Bombing the crap out of a country hell-bent on civil war isn’t going to help. It’s either go the way of the Soviet Union and rule by force (which didn’t work out of them), or let these countries solve their own squabbles. Lots of innocents will die in those countries, but we can’t police the world.#2. Our politicial system, on both sides of the aisle, is controlled by the big money guys, which includes both business groups and labor unions. Read this portion of an interview with Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren describing a crucial about-face by Hillary on consumer credit policy. Trust me, this isn’t about Hillary bashing, but rather to make the point that businesses control Republicans, and businesses control Democrats. I wish I knew how to stop this, for it is what will doom America.#3. It’s about the oil. I think we should tell the rest of the world that we’re going to cut our oil imports 10% a year, and ten years from now be energy independent. The money we spent on this war would have gone a long way towards funding the transition.But we have to be willing to see oil prices go to $5+ per gallon. We need to allow drilling in the Gulf and in Alaska. Nuclear power must be cranked up, and more folks motivated to buy electric cars powered by the energy generated in those nukes.And we have to stop people from pouring across our borders. Let’s devote resources first to getting things squared away for the folks already here. After we get this situation digested, we can open the doors again.PL

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