Remains of the Day, 5-24-07

Been wasting time reading, emailing, browsing. So getting right to it, and to sleep:

1. From Redhorse this morning (thanks for thinking of me) comes this NYT editorial that contains the following quote, encapsulating the dread we should note now, and not ignore, about the concentration of power in Russian President, Vladimir Putin:

The few remaining critics increasingly write or speak out at their peril, as new laws tighten the government’s grip. Most recently, the definition of extremism has been expanded to include media criticism of state officials. That can mean jail time for the reporter and the shutting down of the news outlet. Nina Ognianova of the Committee to Protect Journalists puts it chillingly: “The process of squeezing critical journalism out of the public space is now near complete.”

2. Listen here to today’s WCPN Sound of Ideas Regional Roundtable. It was interesting, if nothing else.

3. I can’t find anything about the Ohio House Public Utilities Committee hearing held yesterday about SB117 (see the fiscal analysis here and note, everything about the local impact? totally and undeniably negative).

How is it that the MSM hasn’t written a word about it? I think I saw one thing somewhere, something about a lot of lobbyists waiting around and then going to lunch. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places (Bill Callahan cannot, despite what it seems, do everything for us on utilities, much as we would love that). My state rep, Josh Mandel, is the Vice Chair of that committee. I sent him an email expressing my desires, as a constituent, for the issues involved. No response yet.

4. From Poynter Online (and my hands down a-okay Knight News Challenge winner, Amy Gahran), comes this news about how Moleskin, makers of reporter’s notebooks, has created Mokeskin City and will continue to create placeblogs. I think I know a few freelancers and other appropriate folks who should consider doing that for Cleveland.

5. Go watch this Hillary video. If you’re as tired as I am, and maybe, even if you aren’t, it will make you snort a little.

All I have time for! Sleep well.

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