Cafe Ah Roma owner expresses frustration, lands in jail

No, I wasn’t there.

No, I don’t know Mary Wright-Ally. Yes, I have been to Cafe Ah-Roma (it’s where I first met Valdis Krebs and George Nemeth). (speaking of Valdis, where’s he been lately?)

No, I can’t say whether she acted in a way that frightened the police officer into thinking she was a danger to him or to others to the extent that she was committing a crime, or otherwise behaving in some way that required or permitted her to be handcuffed under the law.

But I can’t wait to hear how the officer explains the rationale for handcuffing this woman and putting her in jail. The reports say that she was verbally stating what others in her business’s area have been feeling re: the effect on businesses along the Euclid Corridor project.

Since neither this article or this one indicates what it is exactly that Mary did that made the police officer feel she’d broken the law and needed to be handcuffed, we have to wait for more information. Or talk to Mary directly I would guess. Or see the police report. One of the articles says that Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson knows about the situation – not sure what that will mean.

In the meantime, please go vote here and voice your opinion. I don’t think you’ll be arrested for it. Emphasis on think. You can see video here and pictures here.

One thought on “Cafe Ah Roma owner expresses frustration, lands in jail

  1. As Cleveland’s murder rate continues to spiral, the police look for easy collars — entrepreneurs protecting their businesses. Unbelievable.Regular customers of Ah Roma — clergy, faculty, business folk and students — are shocked and wondering what is going on. I know I am. Everyone who is a regular there knows Mary and knows that Cleveland needs MORE business people like Mary, not less. Unbelievable.

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