Connie Schultz signs with Creators Syndicate

I’ve interviewed syndicate folks before – when I wrote this profile of syndicated cartoonist and Chagrin Falls resident, Jenny Campbell (her Wikipedia entry seems to have borrowed very generously from my original copy, good thing I really love Jenny). It is next to impossible to become syndicated by the biggies, and there are not a lot of biggies out there in the first place. So, being asked to join a syndicate? Something that happens to even fewer people.

That said, major congrats to Connie Schultz for getting a deal. From the Editor & Publisher piece:

Connie Schultz will bring her Pulitzer Prize-winning column to Creators Syndicate next month, while continuing to be distributed by Newhouse News Service.

“I’m not leaving Newhouse,” The Plain Dealer of Cleveland staffer told E&P this morning. “They own The Plain Dealer, and they’ll still circulate me on their list. Creators allows me to cast a much wider net.”

Schultz, whose first column for Creators will be her June 12 piece, said syndicate President Rick Newcombe called her in February and “made a convincing pitch.” That was soon after Schultz returned from an 11-month sabbatical she took to help with the ultimately successful U.S. Senate campaign of her husband, Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio).

Her book, …and His Lovely Wife, comes out June 19.

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