Remains of the Day, 5-26-07

Early edition:

1. The Family Research Council doesn’t seem to understand the difference between rejecting discrimination on the basis of religion because a program uses federal funds and a sincere follow up question to Monica Goodling’s professing, through her attendance of Regent University’s law school, that the will of God must be brought to bear on the legal profession. From the FRC’s post:

This is part of the exchange according to transcripts:

COHEN: “The mission of the law school you attended, Regent, is to bring to bear upon legal education and the legal profession the will of almighty God, our creator. What is the will of almighty God, our creator, on the legal profession?”
GOODLING: “I’m not sure that I could define that question for you.”

Click here and fast forward to 2:43 minutes to view the exchange between Rep. Cohen and Ms. Goodling (with WPost reporter Dana Milbank giving commentary).

The post also references this commentary by Byron York.

2. A bone from me to the gun rights advocates. I’m in a generous mood.

3. The Daily Briefing informs us that an abortion rights compromise bill, similar to that being pursued in the U.S. Congress, is hitting Ohio. There was a lot of fanfare about this approach earlier this year. I like it, personally.

Have a great Saturday night.

2 thoughts on “Remains of the Day, 5-26-07

  1. When asked about her experience that qualified her for the job with the Attorney General, Goodling listed her college student government position and a job within the Republican National Committee. Obviously, the Bush administration just wanted little Republican/right wing robots to work within the Dept. of Justice. Looks like Goodling fit those qualifications. Don’t you wonder how many other “Goodlings” can be found in various parts of the administration?

  2. “I don’t know” “I can’t remember” “I’m not sure”Do these people know ANY thing about the jobs they hold? It doesn’t look like it.FRC is paid not to understand; that’s what I understand.

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