Remains of the Day, 5-27-07

The remains disappeared twice today, so I’m linking to some items in a pile that I keep next to my computer, with the idea that I’ll eventually write about them.

Eventually seems to be now:

1. The United States is the second friendliest country in the world for entrepreneurs. You read that right. The news comes from Fortune Small Business.

2. My mom’s slackier than your mom, my mom’s slackier than yours. My mom’s slackier cuz she feeds us expired yogurt. My mom’s slackier than yours. For now, you’ll have to pick up a copy of the June Cleveland Family issue to read my column, Nobody Knows How Bad I Am. But I’ll provide the direct link as soon as it’s up.

3. Worried that our kids don’t know squat about government? I tested my fourth grader last week and everything but what is a democracy got an acceptable answer. The best way to explain a democracy? By pointing out that parents are dictators but if we let the kids have a say, it would be a democracy.

4. Some Bill Richardson materials arrived today. This is one guy I really want to meet – people are passing him over or very quiet about him. That makes me want to know more. Ohio for Bill Richardson hasn’t been updated since January. Here’s America for Bill Richardson.

This is all I could find as far as nearby events for Richardson, via his campaign website. Come on – we’re in Ohio! Let’s go, Team Richardson. I’m sure at a minimum Meet the Bloggers would serve you well.

5. The New York Times’ Saturday edition has a section each week called What’s Online and What’s Offline. I almost always go to them before anything else on Saturday and they didn’t disappoint me this week. My fave from Online: what are people doing walking around during the workday? From Offline: the secrets to the MacArthur Fellowships, also known as the genius grants (description after you scroll down).

6. More from education on the ground: the Western Reserve Historical Society has a handout for school groups called, Let’s Get Ready! The one my child brought home a week or two ago was about…drumroll please…immigration. The program is called From There to Here and if you scroll down at this link, you can find a pdf of the program. A portion of the handout:

Teacher: …We’re going to go back in time to the early 1800’s and find out why Cleveland was known as “the city of immigrants”. [sic] (don’t ask me how annoying it is to find such errors in education handouts; the period – it always goes on the inside of the quotation mark)

Child 2: Immigrants? Who are immigrants?

Child 3: I know who immigrants are. They are people who move from one country to another.

Teacher: Very good! Leaving your country is a very serious decision, quite different than moving from city to city or state to state.

Teachers:…Why would people leave their country?

Child 5: I’d leave if my life was in danger.

Teacher: Absolutely. We call people who are running away from their country for fear of their lives, refugees. We have refugees from many parts of the world living here in Cleveland.

Child 6: I’d leave if there was terrible weather and famines.

Child 8: Don’t some people leave their countries because people are mean to them and try to kill them just because of their religion?

Teacher: That’s very true.

And it goes on and describes:

religious persecution
religious freedom
ethnic cleansing
ethnic groups
Great Migration
City of Promise and Land of Opportunity, as applied to Cleveland

Don’t miss how the online education information matches up its offerings with Ohio’s academic content standards.

7. Have a lovely Memorial Day. We’ve got another child with strep (8:20am doc visit this morning) but otherwise, relaxing.

Fingers crossed for a silent night.

4 thoughts on “Remains of the Day, 5-27-07

  1. I haven’t made up my mind on who I’m supporting for president either… but on the Republican side we’ve got a candidate similar to Richardson in former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore (as far as quality resumes go) and nobody’s talking about him. Both Richardson and Gilmore would be highly ranked as candidates for their respective parties if $ wasn’t the issue driving the process. The shake-up in the primary process only makes it more likely that the folks with the dough now will be the folks still standing at the end.It’s time for a change in how elections are run.

  2. Oh, yeah …I tell mine: “Our house is not a democracy, it’s a Monarchy, and I’m the Queen. When you’re 18 and independent, we’ll discuss forming an autonomous collective.” ;){He’s already a MP fan!}

  3. LOL! I love #3 Jill! I’ve just finished 3 hours of research on the Declaration of Independence trying to create a coherent blog post.Guess what’s being formulated into a lesson plan very soon?(Rain has asked if we can go to law school together – how cool is that?) ‘You ought to be a lawyer, mom’.I love your ‘Remains of the Day’. It’s like a hors d’oeuvre tray for the eyes & brain. Yum yum!

  4. I love lists too Jill. This one about entrepreneurial friendliness was very interesting. I loved how they said it took 1,000 days in Poland to settle a small claim! I’ll remember that next time I’m upset over some red tape. Good luck with the strep.

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