PD on Strickland's stripper bill lameness sure sounds familiar

Glad we’re on the same side of the issue, but I’m guessing that if I came to the conclusion that Governor Strickland should have vetoed SB16 six days ago, chances are, most Ohioans did too. So I’m not sure what purpose such an editorial serves (especially since it won’t be searchable after a few months anyway and certainly will be unavailable when Strickland is up for re-election, unlike my blog posts which should still be around) – though I’m open to suggestion.

If I were the governor, I’d be very, very careful with how I spend my capital. President Bush is the best example of wasteful spending. I really hope Governor Strickland isn’t trying to outstrip the Commander in Chief’s expenditures.

One thought on “PD on Strickland's stripper bill lameness sure sounds familiar

  1. Odds are the majority of Ohioans don’t want the bill vetoed. People care more about results than process. They care more that strippers and patrons not be allowed to touch than about usurping the power of local governments. Strickland objected becasue the whole thing was a stupid waste of time. Signing would have opened him to a flip flop charge. Vetoeing would have opened him to a triple whammy. He would then be the one wasting time, what with the override vote and the inevitable CCV referendum in the fall.. And next election season, he would have to answer the charge that he’s pro-feel copping. And he would have undercut the efforts of Dem legislators who successfully brought CCV to heel.Once again I say: We won. CCV proposed a horrible bill and the civil libertarians turned it into something sane and made it clear to CCV that a referendum in November wouldn’t do them any good. Nonetheless, I keep seeing my friends acting like this is a loss. In a legislative fight victories are rarely total. This was a victory, people. Woo-hoo.

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