Remains of the Day, 5-28-07

Quick hit – school night, you know:

1. Altruism is a survival instinct, much like the way babies are said to smile at us, despite all the care and tending and parenting they require. The study doesn’t say that exactly, but that’s what I think. H/t Unique.

2. Can we, should we ban cellphone use by drivers who are under 18? How enforceable is it and how do you enforce it, exactly? Maine wants to test it out. This comes on the heels of reports within the last couple of weeks about how young women, who used to be the safest drivers in aggregate, are less and less so, though still safer than young men. So – might the law unfairly target women under 18 – since they also tend to talk on the phone more?

3. Is OU or anyone else going to regret this risk assessment?

4. Oh those wild and crazy Creation Museum guys! They are so proud of themselves.

5. Serious messing with the media and the public’s access to information in Venezuela (link updated; but here’s the other link, to news about the NYT doing data mining on us – equally unwelcome as Chavez’s moves?). We should be putting some real spotlights on this one.

6. Interview with Unit Commander of all-female UN peacekeeping force. H/t Feministing.

7. Oped by husband of Iranian-American scholar, Haleh Esfandiari, from Woodrow Wilson Institute, imprisoned in Iran, said to be seeking overthrow of gov’t there – NOT.

8. Just after I write this ode to public interest law, courts say, oh, yeah – you get so much pleasure, we don’t think you even need to get money for working, the satisfaction should be enough. UGH.

9. Not much yet from The Grouchy Geek – but I’m hoping.

10. David Pogue on following money trails online. Ohio Money Tree anyone?

11. Great post from Paul in Hilliard about the Dispatch article on the school funding amendment.

Have a great, short week!

One thought on “Remains of the Day, 5-28-07

  1. How enforceable is it and how do you enforce it, exactly?“Good question. You can’t necessarily tell whether a person is under 18 without looking at his or her driver’s license (or his or her molars). This means that young-looking drivers, even those who are 18 years old and up, could be pulled over on suspicion of violating this law whenever they use a cell phone while driving.

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