Remains of the Day, 5-29-07

Is each day getting nuttier than the day before? Because at this rate…

1. Some blog posts to read, including three that constitute roots news (as in, original to the blog, not grafted from another news source):

-Dave at Into My Own opines on Jarod’s Law and unfunded mandates – why aren’t others writing about this?

Kelli at Progress Ohio posts about the SCOTUS decision in Ledbetter v. Goodyear, a case about gender discrimination.

-Pho on Joe Hallett and Scott Pullins

2. Colors of Domestic Violence? What does seeing that make you want to do? I’ve got some feelers out for expert opinion.

3. I read this PD article about supportive housing and loved, loved, loved the idea. What do you think?

4. Governor Strickland wants to curtail after-school programs and shift money to early ed, but those programs are the mainstay and lifeblood for many communities.

5. From political talk for and by political junkies: Democratic election strategies.

6. Help smoke out Senator Secrecy.

7. Poynter Online with new news on the Credentialing Bloggers front.

8. This story from is incredibly disturbing, more because of the twisted people who take advantage of others and can only be assumed to be deriving sick pleasure from it, than anything else. I really feel for the parents and the young, talented, hard-working student involved.

9. I get news from Social Funds daily. Here’s an article about how Fidelity Investments is divesting from Sudan. Now, if you want to convince me that divestment is a worthwhile process to follow that will place pressure on places we want to place pressure on, tell me with the same level of information as explained here. Social Funds doesn’t overtly politicize a thing. They just talk about how Fidelity looked at the issue and did it. Period.

What a day. I hope I sleep so well that I wake up before I realize I went to bed.

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